2013-14 Catalogs

Liberal Studies - Humanities

Coordinator: Julien Murphy, Philosophy, 47 Exeter Street, Portland

The humanities is the study of the human condition and its relationship to human cultures, social and political formations, and the natural world. The humanities comprise a variety of disciplines such as history, philosophy, religion, the arts, language, and literature. Methodologically, humanists are eclectic, drawing upon multiple approaches ranging from critical theory and cultural studies to empiricism, hermeneutics, historicism, philology, narrative, and exegesis. The humanities also includes scholarly, professional, technical, and creative writing.

To complete this degree in Liberal Studies, students must complete 36 credits, 15 in a particular sequence. In consultation with the humanities track coordinator, students may craft a sequence of classes that addresses a particular problem, question, region, or time period and interrogate it from a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.

This major has been developed to be offered in both a traditional live format as well as in an online format. Please see:usm.maine.edu/LSH for more information.

Goals and Outcomes

  • Students who complete the program will develop:
  • a foundation of knowledge about cultural, intellectual, artistic, and literary traditions
  • an appreciation of the cultural and historical contours of diversity
  • skills of close reading, analysis, synthesis, persuasion/rhetoric, and communication, both written and oral
  • intellectual curiosity in the humanities disciplines and beyond
  • skills that will prepare them for a career and/or a course of graduate study
  • global, historical, and ethical awareness