2013-14 Catalogs

MBA in Business Administration, Sustainability Concentration

Sustainability in business acknowledges the value of managing financial, environmental, and social performance to achieve resiliency and provide long term returns to investors. Students select from a variety of courses offered within the School of Business and through course offerings at the Muskie School of Public Service (Community Planning and Development), the University of the Maine School of Law and the University of Maine Business School.

In addition to the requirements listed in the MBA, the following requirements apply to the Sustainability Concentration:

Students select nine credits (3 courses):
     CPD 602 - Sustainable Communities (USM Muskie)
     CPD 665 - Transportation Planning (USM Muskie)
     CPD 668 - Local Environment Planning (USM Muskie)
     CPD 674 - Social Equity & Sustainability (USM Muskie)
     LAW 637 - Environmental Law (UMaine Law: requires special permission)
     MBA 657 - Triple-Bottom-Line Marketing (USM)
     MBA 699 - Sustainability Reporting & Analysis (USM)
     BUA 527 - Business & Sustainability   (UMO: requires special permission)