2013-14 Catalogs

Minor in Accounting

The minor in accounting is designed to permit undergraduate majors from outside the School of Business, as well as non-accounting business administration majors within the School, an opportunity to develop a more in-depth knowledge and skill in accounting.

Students wishing to pursue the minor must obtain a copy of the Authorization for Accounting Minor form from the School of Business, complete and return it to the School of Business advisor, signed by the student's current advisor for his or her major. Completion of at least 12 credits at USM with an overall GPA of 2.33 is required at the time of application. Accounting minors need a 2.33 cumulative grade point average in the five courses taken in the minor. A student may transfer to the minor up to 6 credit hours of comparable accounting courses.

The minor in accounting is 15 credit hours, including 6 credit hours required in:
     ACC 110 Financial Accounting Information for Decision Making (C- or higher)
     ACC 211 Managerial Accounting Information for Decision Making (C- or higher)

And nine credit hours from the following:
     ACC 301 Financial Reporting I*
     ACC 302 Financial Reporting II
     ACC 329 Accounting Information Systems
     ACC 395 Internship I in Accounting
     ACC 405 Cost Management Systems
     ACC 413 Concepts and Strategies of Taxation
     ACC 416 Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting
     ACC 418 Principles of Fraud Examination
     ACC 499 Special Topics in Accounting

*Students who enroll in ACC 301 are required to complete the prerequisite, ACC 221, The Financial Accounting Cycle with a C (2.0) or higher grade. ACC 221 is a 1-credit hour self-study course and is in addition to the 15 credits for the minor.