2013-14 Catalogs

Minor in Archaeology

The Geography-Anthropology program offers a minor in archaeology.

All students with majors or specific discipline minors in the social sciences must achieve at least six credits with grades of B or better in the requirements of those majors or minors. No grades of D will be counted toward fulfillment of the major or minor requirements. Except for Independent Studies, no required course may be repeated more than one time.

All students are reminded that, in addition to meeting departmental requirements for the major, they must also meet the University's minimum readiness requirements and the Core curriculum requirements.

The minor in archaeology consists of a minimum of 18 credits:


  • ANT 103 Introduction to Archaeology (3 credits)
    ANT 306 Analysis of Archaeological Materials (3-6 credits)

Any three or four of the following (to meet minor credit minimum): 

  • ANT 202 Origins of Civilization
  • ANT 250 Archaeology of South America
  • ANT 307 Specialized Techniques in Archaeology
  • ANT 308 Environmental Archaeology
  • ANT 360 Public Archaeology
  • GYA 300 Archaeology Field School