2013-14 Catalogs

Minor in Book Arts

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The minimum number of art and art history credits (exclusive of the University's Core curriculum) required for the minor: 21

The minor consists of the following:

Studio Art Foundation select two courses (6 credits)
     ART 141 2-D Design
     ART 151 Drawing 1
     ART 142 3-D Design

Art History Course (3 credits)
     ARH 112 Art History: Renaissance to the Present

Introduction to Studio Discipline Course (3 credits)
     ART 241 The Visual Book: Form and Content

Upper -Level Studio select two courses (6 credits)
     ART 341 The Visual Book: Historical Influences on Contemporary Artist's Books
     and ART 342 Book Arts at Stone House (may be taken numerous times)
     and ART 344 New Media Artist's Books

Capstone Studio Course (3 credits)
     ART 441 The Visual Book 3: Advanced Studio in Book Arts