2013-14 Catalogs

Minor in Early Childhood Studies

This minor provides the skills needed of professionals working with young children and their families, and the academic background required for graduate study or advanced training in the field.

Course options are available in each of six content areas listed below based upon the recommendations of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and our community advisors.

A track for state Early Childhood Teacher Certification (081) is now available through the SBS degree.  Please see the Maine Department of Education website for full requirements.  Several courses in the ECS Concentration/Minor have been approved toward the State of Maine EC Teacher Certification 0-5 (081 endorsement) including SBS 200, SBS 305, EDU 336, SBS 310, SBS 341, SBS 375 and SBS 450. The Endorsement 081: Early Childhood Teacher (Birth to School Age), is for pre-K educators. Endorsement 081 is intended to support appropriate early education learning experiences by ensuring that all educators working in public school pre-K programs have specialized knowledge of early childhood development.

Also note that the Internship (SBS 447) for SBS students pursuing the ECS Concentration must be related to this focus of study. Students are advised to consult with their faculty advisors early regarding choice of internship placements. Finally, students should formally specify either a Minor or Concentration in ECS through completion of the necessary paperwork through the Student Success Center so that ECS appears on their transcript.

Students majoring in programs other than SBS need only the courses outlined below. The ECS Minor as part of an SBS Major requires at least 4 additional SBS elective courses (12 credits) beyond the requirements of the concentration.

Choose one course from each of the following six groups of courses. Any substitutions must be approved by faculty advisor:

Child Development
     SBS 305 Child Development
     SBS 309 The Psychology of Attachment in Early Childhood
     Note: SBS 309 would be an appropriate choice in this category for students transferring in prior coursework in child development. SBS 309 is not recommended as a substitution in this category for students in other majors pursuing the Minor in ECS.

     SBS 341 The Family

     SBS/LOS 301 Group Dynamics
     SBS/LOS 302 Organizational Behavior

     SBS 310 Childhood and Society
     EDU/LAE 200 Education in the U.S
     SBS 346 Introduction to Social Services

Children and Evaluation
     SBS 350 Psychosocial Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence
     SBS 375 Infant Mental Health
     SBS 450 Approaches to Assessing Individual Differences in Children

Teaching/Preparing Children for Learning
     EDU 336 Children's Literature
     SBS/LAC 340 Language Acquisition and Literacy Development