2013-14 Catalogs

Minor in Global Studies

This minor investigates the rich varieties of trans-border development and migration, nation states, and world cultural communities. Modern situations are the result of historical events, and decisions made today around the world are not made in an historical vacuum. Globalization issues are ever more vital as we reshape our local, regional, and global networks. Core issues include the different points of view embodied in concepts such as globalization and internationalization, as well as the challenges of sustainability, diversity, and justice. The dynamic between local and global issues is a central aspect of modern society, crucial to our region and important to us in developing a personal rapport with our evolving heritages and economies. Any student who wants to fulfill the minor in global studies should complete the necessary paperwork so the minor appears on their transcript.

The global studies minor consists of 21 required credit hours. A maximum of six credits from a student's academic major may be applied toward the minor.




Introductory Courses (both required)
     SBS/LOS 381 Introduction to Globalization
     HUM 326 World History and Geography II


Context Course (select one)
     GEO 101 Human Geography
     ANT 101 Anthropology: The Cultural View


Methods Course (select one)
     GEO 108 GIS Applications 
     HUM 350 Cultural Fieldwork

Subject or Regional Studies Course (select two)
HUM 301 French North America
     HUM 310 French Settlement in the Northeast
     HUM 325 World History and Geography I
HUM 330 International Labor, Literature, and Arts
     HUM 340 World Indigenous and Native Societies
     LOS 330 Leadership in Different Cultures
     SBS 360 Culture, Behavior, and Personality

    SBS 308 Health, Illness, and Culture

Capstone Courses
     LCC 480 Senior Seminar (final paper on a global theme)

     Study Abroad Course (optional, choose one)

  • HUM 490 Overseas Investigations and Comparisons
  • LOS 470 Leadership Study Abroad
  • SBS 470 Study Abroad