2013-14 Catalogs

Minor in Information Technology

With computer-related skills in high demand, USM's Lewiston-Auburn College (LAC) has joined forces with Central Maine Community College (CMCC) in Auburn to offer a minor in information technology. This program gives students the opportunity to combine their academic background with computer technology and networking courses. Students will gain general knowledge of computing in the PC environment and also develop specific networking, installation, and information development skills. This minor can be substituted for the LOS concentration or be taken separately as a minor by students in any degree program.

For more information about this program, contact Janet Etzel at jetzel@usm.maine.edu.

The IT minor requires completion of the following LAC courses (18 credits):

    MAT   108                College Algebra (prerequisite)

    LAC    150                Microcomputers and Applications

    LOS    318                Database Management

    LOS    334                Integrated Software Packages

The following courses are offered at CMCC:

    LOS    319                Introduction to Networking

    LOS    320                Networking Support and Troubleshooting

    LOS    321                Introduction to PC Repair/Operating Systems

Students may also wish to take:

    LAC/LOS 307           Web Design

    LAC/LOS 331           Advanced Personal Computer Repair

    BUS    191                Introduction to Structured Programming

Students selecting this minor should work closely with advisors to facilitate course selection and timing.