2013-14 Catalogs

Minor in Public Health

The Minor in Public Health advances students' understanding of myriad public health concerns and their ability to apply pertinent theoretical and practical knowledge to contribute to a safe and functioning society. The Public Health Minor can complement professional preparation of students working in human services and in allied health and applied sciences, including their capacity to contribute to relevant policy-making and advocacy. The Minor will also strengthen the pursuit of graduate study in Public Health and Policy. Professions that utilize knowledge of public health include medical and allied health and human services, mental health, gerontology, and child and family support. Public health approaches address the full spectrum of services, planning and evaluation. 

Students should formally specify a Minor in Public Health through completion of the necessary paperwork through the Student Success Center so that it appears on their transcript.

A total of six courses are required for the Minor for students majoring in degrees other than SBS. Students matriculated as SBS majors and wishing to complete the Minor (vs. the Concentration) in Public Health must also take four additional SBS courses (in any SBS elective area) beyond the six courses listed below:

One Course from each of the following areas:

Overview of Public Health Systems
     SBS/SCI 336 Introduction to Public Health

Basic concepts in Epidemiology (must be specifically rooted in Public Health applications vs. a more general Statistics or Research Methods course)
     SBS/SCI 337 Introduction to Epidemiology

Cultural perspectives on health
     SBS 308 Health, Illness, and Culture

Legal and policy perspectives
     SBS 335 Legal Issues in Health and Human Services

     SBS 304 Food, Culture and Eating
     SBS SCI 399 Public Health Nutrition

One Elective (any program prefix) reflecting student's professional interests in Public Health, including from list below or, with approval of student's advisor, a course that will be equivalent in substance or intent:
     SCI 315 Environmental Health
     SBS 339 Ethnicity, Immigration, and Identity
     SBS 343 Substance Abuse or CON 497 Substance Use and Abuse: Issues and Policies
     SBS 344 Violence: Causes and Control
     SBS 345 Race, Class, Gender
     LOS/SBS 381 Introduction to Globalization
     LOS/SBS 436 Risk, Public Policy, and Society