2013-14 Catalogs

Minor in Tourism and Hospitality

The Minor in Tourism and Hospitality provides an overview of tourism, or travel for leisure, culture, and other non-work purposes, and hospitality, the provision of services to travelers. Students design their own program of study that reflects personal interests and career goals. The Minor in Tourism and Hospitality is an excellent complement to majors that study cultures, languages, history, international relations, business, and the environment.

The minor requires completion of at least five TAH courses (minimum 15 credits) with a grade of C- or better in each course. At least one course must be 300-level or higher. TAH 101 is a prerequisite of several other courses, but may be waived on the basis of past experience or other coursework. Students may complete one three-credit TAH internship, practicum, or field course as part of the minor. Students may also select one non-TAH course from the list below, which can overlap with the requirements of their own major. Up to six credits may be courses from other institutions that transfer as TAH courses at USM. However, no more than two courses or six credits in total may be transfer courses or non-TAH courses.

Approved Non-TAH Courses

  • ANT 355  Public Interpretation in Anthropology
  • ANT 360  Public Archaeology
  • ESP 223  Nature Based Tourism
  • ESP 308  Global Environmental Issues & Sustainability
  • GEO 203 Urban & Regional Development
  • GEO 285 Global Environmental Issues & Sustainability
  • HTY 360  History of Maine
  • REC 223  Nature Based Tourism
  • REC 233  Outdoor Recreation
  • REC 373  Belize: Planning & Leading Sustainable Tourism Trips
  • REC 374  Newfoundland: Planning & Leading Sustainable Tourism Trips