2013-14 Catalogs

Tourism and Hospitality Overview

Program Chair: Kreg Ettenger, 300A Bailey Hall, Gorham

Faculty Teaching in Program: Professors: Sanford (Environmental Science); Associate Professors: Ettenger (Geography-Anthropology); Jones (Recreation and Leisure Studies); Pavri (Geography-Anthropology); Wagner (Environmental Science); Lecturers: Michaud Stutzman (Geography-Anthropology)

The Program in Tourism and Hospitality (TAH) is designed for students who have an interest in tourism and travel, those currently employed in the hospitality industry, or those who are considering working in this growing field. The program offers a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Hospitality, featuring a broad array of courses, specialized concentrations in key skills areas and popular subjects, and faculty whose expertise touches on many aspects of tourism and hospitality. The program also offers a Minor in Tourism and Hospitality and a Certificate in Tourism Development and Planning.

The Program in Tourism and Hospitality draws upon faculty and courses from several departments and colleges throughout the University of Southern Maine, with engaging courses taught by a core of USM faculty, and tourism and hospitality courses taught both by USM faculty and by qualified adjuncts with extensive experience in the tourism industry. Courses are available both on campus during day and evening hours and in online and blended formats. Professional experiences, including internships and practicums, provide critical, real-world experience for students in various aspects of tourism management, marketing, and planning.