2014-15 Catalogs

4+1 in Leadership Studies

The Leadership Studies 4+1 option allows qualified undergraduate students (in any major) to complete a bachelor’s degree and a Master of Arts in Leadership Studies degree in five years.

Students pursuing this option focus on bachelor degree requirements during the first three years, a mix of bachelor and graduate requirements in the fourth year, and exclusively graduate requirements in the fifth year.

Students may use up to 12 credits of graduate work for both the undergraduate and graduate degrees (using 4 required graduate level courses to fulfill general elective credits needed for the bachelor’s degree).

For more information about this option, contact Janet Etzel at jetzel@usm.maine.edu.

For a list of all LOS and MLS courses, including a full course rotation schedule, please click here.

Students are required to maintain 3.0 GPA or higher and possess prior organizational experience. A minimum of 108 undergraduate credits and 36 graduate credits are required to complete both degrees.

Students may apply for the 4+1 option at the start of their junior year and enroll in graduate courses after a minimum of 90 credit hours of undergraduate course work has been accumulated.

Students wishing to progress through the graduate program in five years should take LOS500: Foundations of Leadership I and LOS550: Cultural Contexts during the fall semester and LOS501: Foundations of Leadership II and LOS512: Deliberate Creativity and Innovation during the spring semester of their fourth year of study.

LOS Major requirements (57 credits)

Prerequisite Courses (4 credits)

  • LAC 112 Microsoft Excel (prerequisite for LOS 304)
  • LOS 250 Organizational Accounting or its equivalent (prerequisite for LOS 304)

Requirements for the major (35 credits)

  • LCC 150 Statistics for Informed Decision Making
  • LCC 370 Toward a Global Ethics
  • LOS 299 Writing in the Major
  • LOS 300* Organizational Theory
  • LOS 301 Group Dynamics
  • LOS 304 Organizational Budgeting
  • LOS 329 Research Methods
  • LOS 350* Leadership
  • LOS 369 Exploring Careers, Exploring Life Roles
  • LOS 413 Job Search Skills for the 21st Century
  • LOS 440 Organizational Change and Development
  • LOS 447 Internship
  • LCC 480 Senior Seminar

*All LOS majors must earn a grade of B- or better in both LOS 300 and LOS 350.

Required electives for the major (18 credits)
LOS majors must take any 6 LOS electives (LOS courses that are 300-level or higher). LOS Electives are listed below. They can be selected based on student interest or as concentrations, certificates, etc. Please note that not all LOS electives are available online.

Human Services Concentration
This concentration requires completion of 6 of the following courses:

  • LOS/SBS 302 Organizational Behavior
  • LOS 322 Leadership in the Public/Nonprofit Sectors
  • LOS 325 State and Local Government
  • SBS 335 Legal Issues in Health and Human Services
  • SBS 338 Health Care Policies
  • LOS 373 Managing Nonprofits
  • SBS 430 Applied Social Policy

Certificate in Lean Leadership

  • LOS 302* Organizational Behavior (offered face-to-face, or online)
  • LOS 308 Lean Systems and Methods
  • LOS 309 Lean Systems/Methods Practicum
  • LOS 440* Organizational Change (offered face-to-face, or online)
  • (*LOS 302, or LOS 440 must be taken before LOS 308)

Other LOS Electives include:

  • LCC 310 Science, Technology, and Society
  • LOS 270 Exploring Leadership on Campus
  • LOS 311 Leadership Through Art
  • LOS 323 The Media and Politics
  • LOS 330 Leadership in Different Cultures
  • LOS 333 Portfolio Development
  • LOS 345 Leadership and Film
  • LOS 351 Exploring Transformational Leadership
  • LOS 352 Exploring Servant Leadership
  • LOS 353 Exploring Authentic Leadership
  • LOS 354 Exploring Complexity Leadership
  • LOS 355 Exploring Shared Leadership
  • LOS 356 Exploring Followership
  • LOS 360 Deliberate Creativity and Innovation
  • LOS 361 Entrepreneurship
  • LOS 381 Introduction to Globalization
  • LOS 436 Risk, Public Policy, and Society
  • LOS 470 Leadership Study Abroad

MLS Requirements (36 credits)

 Cornerstones (6 credits):  

  • LOS 500 Foundations of Leadership Studies I: Theory and Practice
  • LOS 501 Foundations of Leadership Studies II: Theory and Practice

 *Students start their coursework with two Foundations of Leadership Studies courses to ground them in the latest thinking in leadership theory and practice.


 Competencies (9 credits):  

  • LOS 512 Deliberative Creativity and Innovation
  • LOS 610 Methods of Inquiry (should be taken in semester prior to LOS 688)
  • LOS 611 Communication and Relationship Building

 *Laid upon the cornerstones of this foundational work are the competency courses which are geared toward developing essential skills sets for leadership effectiveness.

  Contexts (6 credits):  

  • LOS 550 Cultural Contexts
  • LOS 651 Technology in Society
  • LOS 661 Ethical and Spiritual Dimensions of Leadership
  • LOS 670 Leadership Study Abroad

 *The contexts courses place the rest of the work in situations, exploring the forces that environment places on leadership and followership.

 Electives (9 credits):  

  • LOS 614 The Conflict Process
  • LOS 641 Exploring Transformational Leadership
  • LOS 642 Exploring Servant Leadership
  • LOS 643 Exploring Authentic Leadership
  • LOS 644 Exploring Chaos & Complexity Leadership
  • LOS 645 Exploring Relational Leadership
  • LOS 646 Exploring Followership
  • LOS 662 Community Leadership
  • LOS 699 Special Topics in Leadership
  • LOS 695 Independent Study

*Students tailor their degrees to their particular interests through the selection of elective courses in leadership studies. If students wish, up to two electives may be selected from courses in other graduate programs (subject to advisor approval).


 Capstone Seminar & Project/Thesis (6 or more credits):  

  • LOS 688 Capstone Seminar (Prerequisite: LOS 610)
  • LOS 689 Master’s Project / Master’s Thesis

*At the end of the master's program, students do their capstone work which includes collegial (student) as well as faculty critique and assistance in developing research and projects. Students electing the project option design an intensive theory-based, action research, applied project that explores the role of leadership in developing and/or implementing meaningful change in an organization or community. Students electing the thesis option select a topic for intensive library research, reading, and analysis. It may, for example, summarize and analyze work in new methods or contribute a new theoretical proposal that calls for further testing or research.

 4+1 Student Schedule:

 Shared Senior Year Fall: 500, 550

 Shared Senior Year Spring: 501, 512

 Summer One: 610, 2 electives (one fulfilling the second context requirement)

 Fall Two: 611, 688, elective

 Spring Two: 689, elective