2014-15 Catalogs

BA in Art and Entrepreneurial Studies

The BA in Studio Art and Entrepreneurial Studies is an in-depth studio experience with courses in small business and entrepreneurship. It involves a combination of art and art history courses with a required studio concentration, a cluster of business courses, a digital-based course, and an internship experience with creative professionals. Within the general electives, students may choose to incorporate a minor or select additional studio (ART) or art history (ARH) courses. This degree is for students who wish to pursue a career in the creative arts in the commercial or nonprofit sectors. It is intended to offer students a greater ability to engage in creative arts sector employment and/or independent small business development.


The minimum number of credits required for the major: 69

Art Foundation (15 credits)

  • ARH 111 Art History: Prehistoric through Medieval
  • ARH 112 Art History: Renaissance to the Present
  • ART 141 Surface, Space, Time (2D)
  • ART 142 Surface, Space, Time (3D)
  • ART 151 Fundamentals of Perceptual Drawing     

Art History Requirements (9 credits)

  • Three ARH 300 or 400-level art history courses

Studio Art Requirement (30 credits)

Four 200-level ART courses in four different studio disciplines chosen from:

  • ART 221 Digital Art
 and Design I
    or ART 222 Digital Art and Design II    
  • ART 231 Introduction to Ceramics
    or ART 232 Introduction to Ceramics II 
  • ART 251 Drawing: Media and Strategies
    or ART 252 Drawing:  The Figure  
  • ART 261 Painting:  Water-based Media
    or ART 262 Painting:  Mixed Media
  • ART 271 Introduction to Photography
  • ART 281 Introduction to Printmaking: Intaglio and Relief

    or ART 282 Introduction to Printmaking: Lithography and Screen printing
  • ART 291 Sculpture: Additive and Subtractive Processes
 ART 292 Sculpture: Altered and Constructed Processes

One 300-level and one 400-level ART course within one studio discipline

One additional 300-level ART course

  • ART 400 Internship in the Visual Arts
  • ART 408 Independent Study in the Visual Arts

Elective studio courses as needed to complete 30 credits

Business Requirement (12 credits)

  • BUS 101 or BUS 200
  • ACC 110
  • BUS 260 or BUS 165,
  • BUS 385

Technology Requirement (3 credits)

  • ITT 181, ITT 231, ITT 241, or ITT 343

No more than 60 credit hours with ART designation may be used to fulfill the 120 credit-hours degree requirement.