2014-15 Catalogs

BA in Art History

This degree program is designed for students wishing to concentrate more on the historical analysis of art than on art making. Students focus on historical analysis, research, critical thinking and writing. Their studies give them a foundation for a variety of post-graduate options such as museum and gallery work, art criticism, graduate school and teaching.

To become a matriculated art major with a concentration in art history, the student must apply for admission to the program during the semester the foundation courses are being completed or the semester after their completion. No portfolio is required. The student may obtain the appropriate form in the Art Department office.

To receive credit toward the major, the student must maintain at least a 2.5 average in art history courses. Students are encouraged to acquire a reading knowledge of a foreign language, preferably French or German.

The minimum number of credits required for the major: 42.

Art Foundation (12 credits)

ARH 111 Art History: Prehistoric through Medieval
  • ARH 112 Art History: Renaissance to the Present
  • ART 141 Surface, Space, Time (2D) or ART 142 Surface, Space, Time (3D)
  • ART 151 Fundamentals of Perceptual Drawing

Upper Level Requirements (30 credits)

ARH 321, 322, or 323 Classical, Medieval, or Renaissance Art
  • ARH 325, 326, 327, or 328 Modern Art
  • ARH 310 or 329 Non-Western Art
  • ARH 410 Seminar in Art History
 or ARH 412 Topics in Art History (with permission of the Art Department Chair)
  • ART 400 Internship in the Visual Arts
  • Two Art History elective courses (any upper-level ARH course)
  • Three approved upper-level electives from one or more of the following areas: Art History, History, Anthropology, Literature, or Classics. Students should consult with their art history advisors to select appropriate courses. (9 credits)

Pre-approved upper-level electives from other departments: COM 284 Film Appreciation; ANT 220I North American Indians; ANT 224I Ancient Mesoamerica; ANT 250I Archaeology of South America; ANT 254 Archaeology of East Asia; RUS 293G Survey of Russian Cinema; PHI 221 Philosophy of Film.