2014-15 Catalogs

BA in Arts and Humanities

The Arts and Humanities program is a versatile and flexible degree program available for students who want both a solid liberal arts education and strong preparation for a wide range of career options.

The major encourages students to be agents of change in a rapidly shifting world and prepares students for careers as diverse as education, print and broadcast journalism, advertising, creative writing, government and politics, social services, and arts management, as well as for further study in a range of graduate programs and professional schools, from law and history to business and labor studies.

Courses examine a variety of contemporary and historical issues, and do so in ways that make the past more relevant and the present more understandable.

Courses integrate such fields as writing, history, photography, geography, Franco-American society, popular culture, native and indigenous issues, critical theory, and ethnic studies.

Certain threads run through all courses, from local, regional, and global issues to philosophy and creative thought. Classes feature small group work, discussions, and written work designed to encourage critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills necessary to advance professionally and contribute meaningfully as members of our multicultural society.

We engage students with information literacy, offering courses in blended, online, and hyper-flexible formats.

Our focus is to prepare students to be active, productive citizens of the world.

Total credits necessary for the degree: 120.

 Students in this Major are required to complete the Lewiston Common Core Curriculum.


Prerequisite Courses* (10-11 credits)



     LCC 110/111 College Writing*


     HUM/ENG 120 Introduction to Literature*


     LCC 200 Creative Critical Inquiry*


* Students must achieve a grade of C or better in these classes.


Program Requirements (31 credits) 

     LCC 250 Thinking About Art, Thinking Through Art


      HUM 298: Applied Arts & Humanities:

                  Focus on Lewiston-Auburn and the

                    Androscoggin River Valley Communities


     HUM 300 Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory


     HUM 316: New Digital Media Literacies:

                       Self-Fashioning and Critiquing Information


     HUM 325 World History and Geography I


     HUM 350 Cultural Fieldwork


     LCC 370 Toward a Global Ethics


     HUM 369 Exploring Careers & Choosing Life Roles


     HUM 413 Job Search Skills for the 21st Century


     HUM 447 Internship


     HUM 478 Community Research Projects


 Electives (15 credits)

There are three categories of elective course offerings.  Students are required to choose at least two courses from two of the categories. No more than two courses (6 credits) lacking the HUM prefix can be counted as electives within the major.


Regional and Ethnic Studies

HUM 275:  Discovering the Past: History Close to Home

HUM 301:  French North American Studies

HUM 310:  French Settlement in the Northeast

HUM 326:  World History and Geography II

HUM/SBS 339:  Ethnicity, Immigration and Identity

HUM 340:  World Indigenous and Native Societies

HUM 460:  Franco-American Community and Archive Work

Literature and Life
HUM 213 Metaphor in Literature, Science, and Religion

HUM 250 Song as Literature

HUM 348 Reading Nature:  Landscapes and Literature

HUM/SBS 349 Trauma and Narrative

HUM/SBS 358 Representations of Motherhood

HUM/SBS 366 Transforming Words: Poetry and Psychologies of Change

HUM 370 Literacy Studies

HUM 420 Speculative Fictions

HUM 440 Narrating the Human: Topics in Auto/Biography Studies

EDU 336:  Children’s Literature

Arts and Communication

HUM 105 Basic Photography

HUM 201 Creative Writing: Cultivating Your Inner Muse

HUM 230 Digital Photography

HUM 290 Thinking and Writing; Writing and Healing

HUM 295 Creative Expression in Drawing

HUM 304 Writing Children’s Literature

HUM 305 Creative Writing: Poetry

HUM 306 Creative Writing: Fiction

HUM 307 Writing Creative Nonfiction

HUM 322 Professional Communication

HUM 335 Working with Writers

HUM 317 New Media and Social Networking:  Identity and Expression Online

HUM 330  International Labor, Literature and the Arts

HUM 355 Introduction to Journalism

HUM 400 Argument and Persuasion

HUM 465 Writing for Social Change

LOS 307 Web Design

LOS 323 Media and Politics

Career Applications Pathways (CAP, 18 – 24 credits)*


Arts and Humanities students are required to complete one of the following pre-professional minors offered at USM LAC.

Leadership Studies Minor                                                                                           18 – 19 cr.

Secondary Teaching Certificate (English, Social Studies or Dual English and Social Studies)                                                                                                                                      24 cr. 

 K-8 Teaching Certificate                                                                                             24 cr.

 Early Childhood Studies Minor                                                                                 18 cr.

 Public Health Minor                                                                                                   18 cr.

Writing Studies Minor (either Professional or Creative Writing Track)**                 18 cr.

French North American Studies**                                                                              18-21 cr.

* If the CAP requirement is waived, for example, when a student is already working in a field of their choosing, students will need to complete a Thematic Cluster plus 3 additional A&H electives.  

**Arts & Humanities students completing a minor in Writing Studies or French North American Studies will need extra electives beyond the requirements of minor to complete their degree.  This will include at least two other courses from one of the other A&H elective categories.   

Lewiston Common Core (39 or 40 credits)
Descriptions of LCC classes and clusters may be found in the introductory portion of the Lewiston-Auburn College section of this catalog.

Entry Phase


     LCC 110 College Writing: Language and Literacies


          or LCC 111 College Writing: Language and Literacies: Enrichment


    LCC 123 College and Community I*


     LCC 130 The Biology of Human Health w/Lab**


          or LCC 230 Environmental Science, Policy, and Sustainability w/Lab


     LCC 150 Statistics for Informed Decision Making


     LCC 200 Creative Critical Inquiry into Modern Life


     LCC 220 U.S. Democracy: Origins and Development


          Or LCC 320 Sustaining Democracy


     LCC 250 Thinking About The Arts, Thinking Through The Arts (CE)


Middle Phase


     Thematic Cluster or any Minor offered at USM***


          Public Health


          Expressive Arts/Healing Arts


          The Environment: Sustainability and Education




          Leadership and Innovation


          Early Childhood Education and Studies


          Resilience and Vulnerability


     LCC 345 College and Community II*


     LCC 370 Toward a Global Ethics (writing instruction) (EISRC)


Capstone Phase


     LCC 480 Senior Seminar (writing instruction)



39 or 40

* LCC 123 is required for entering students with less than 24 credits while LCC 345 is required only of students who were not required to take LCC 123.

** LCC 130 is not required for Natural and Applied Sciences majors.

*** Requirement may be met with any Thematic Cluster, or with any USM minor or double major.


General Electives (23-24 credits)

Arts and Humanities students may choose to use their general electives to sample other disciplines or to focus on a particular area of interest or they may choose to declare one of the minors or concentrations in the Arts and Humanities or other disciplines. General electives, for example, may be used to pursue a minor in counseling, early childhood studies, or information systems. One of the greatest strengths of the Arts and Humanities degree is the flexibility and range of career and graduate study options that it offers.


Liberal Studies–Degree Completion (45 credits)

Some students may choose this track, which is designed to assist transfer students and those with professional training or life experiences to achieve their degree. Depending on transcripts and other forms of accreditation, courses and experiences will be assessed for transfer into the major. Entry into this track requires prior approval by the arts and humanities faculty.