2014-15 Catalogs

BA in Mathematics - Pure Mathematics Concentration

Mathematics majors intending to pursue graduate work in mathematics should consider this concentration, and they are urged to take Real Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Topology, and one year of French or German. Those intending to teach at the secondary level should choose this concentration.

In addition to the requirements listed in the BA, the following items are required for the Pure Mathematics Concentration. (15 credit hours)

a. Successful completion of three of the courses listed below:
     MAT 352 Real Analysis
     MAT 355 Complex Analysis
     MAT 392 Theory of Numbers
     MAT 395 Abstract Algebra
     MAT 490 Topology
     MAT 370, 371 Non-Euclidean or College Geometry

b. Successful completion of at least two additional mathematics courses numbered 260 or above, excluding MAT 380.