2014-15 Catalogs

BA in Self-Designed - Classical Languages

Coordinator: Jeannine Uzzi, 47 Exeter Street, Portland

Students can choose from among two tracks for the self-designed group contract major in classics. The Latin for Teachers track prepares students to teach K-12 Latin.  The Classical Languages track prepares students for graduate study in classics and is especially suited for students who want intensive study in ancient language. 

There is also a Liberal Studies-Classics track for students who value classics and its liberal arts approach to education and who wish to explore the ancient world and the classical tradition from the perspectives of a variety of disciplines.  See Liberal Studies for additional information on this option.

 Self-Designed Major - Classical Languages

The minimum number of credits (exclusive of the University's Core curriculum) for the self-designed major in classical studies: 41. For grade requirements, please refer to the Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures section of this catalog.
     I. Languages (20 credits)
          A. Three Latin courses above the 100-level
          B. Ancient Greek 101, 102, and 251
     II. Civilization and Literature (18 credits)
          A. CLA 291 Golden Age of Greece OR HTY 303 History of Ancient Near East and Greece
          B. CLA 292 Rome, from Republic to Empire OR HTY 304 History of Rome
          C. One of the following courses in ancient literature:
               CLA 270 Homer's Odyssey and Joyce's Ulysses
               CLA 283 Epic Hero
               ENG 315 Ancient Literature
          D. CLA 285 Classical Mythology
               or CLA 384 What Would Antigone Do?
          E. Two courses (six credits) from the following list:
               ARH/CLA 321 Classical Art/Art, Architecture, and Archaeology of the Ancient World
               HTY 306 Roman Sexuality and Christianity
               PHI 310 History of Ancient Philosophy
               POS 390 Political and Social Thought I
               Additional LAT 470 course(s) beyond those required for the major
          Students may petition to count other courses related to antiquity in this category.
     III. Capstone
     CLA 410 Antiquity and Modernity: Capstone Experience in Classics