2014-15 Catalogs

BA in Social and Behavioral Sciences - Public Health Concentration

The Public Health concentration is intended to help SBS majors structure the choice of their electives and to prepare them to become decision makers and policy advocates. It is also intended to shape their ability to understand myriad public health concerns and their facility in applying pertinent theoretical and practical knowledge to create a safe and functioning society. Professions that utilize knowledge of public health may be in delivery of mental health services, gerontological services, or child and family services. Students should formally specify a Concentration in PH through completion of the necessary paperwork through the Student Success Center so that it appears on their transcript.

In addition to the requirements listed in the BA, the following requirements apply to the Public Health Concentration:

The following courses are required:

SBS 308 Health, Illness, and Culture
SBS 335 Legal Issues in Health and Human Services
SBS/SCI 336 Introduction to Public Health
SBS/SCI 337 Introduction to Epidemiology

One elective course will be chosen from the following:

SBS 304 Food, Culture and Eating
SBS/SCI 399 Public Health Nutrition

One elective course will be chosen from the following:

SBS 333 Death, Dying, and Denial
SBS/LOS 338 Health Care Policies
SBS 341 The Family
SBS 343 Substance Abuse (Note: CON 497 Substance Use and Abuse: Issues and Policies may substitute for SBS 343)
SBS 344 Violence: Causes and Control
SBS 345 Diversity: Many Voices
SBS 350 Psychosocial Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence
SBS 381 Globalization and Development
SBS 339 Ethnicity, Immigration, and Identity
SBS 399 Prevention and Wellness
SBS 399 Working with Diverse Populations