2014-15 Catalogs

BFA in Studio Arts

The BFA degree is offered for students who seek focused, undergraduate professional education in studio practice. There are degree concentrations in ceramics, digital art, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. The program prepares students to become open, resourceful, critical, and independent thinkers, capable of successfully conceiving, articulating, and resolving their own visual problems, and equally capable of successfully viewing, appreciating, and contemplating the work of others. They will be engaged and active artists producing work that encompasses theoretical and practical knowledge.

Students who intend to pursue professional careers in art and design or who plan to pursue graduate study culminating in the MFA degree are encouraged to seek admission to the BFA program.

The minimum number of credits (exclusive of the University's Core curriculum) required for the major: 75.

Art Foundation (15 credits)

  • ARH 111 Art History: Prehistory through Medieval
  • ARH 112 Art History: Renaissance to the Present
  • ART 141 Surface, Space, Time (2D)
  • ART 142 Surface, Space, Time (3D)
  • ART 151 Fundamentals of Perceptual Drawing      

Upper Level Art History Requirements (9 credits)

  • Three ARH 300- or 400-level Art History courses

Introductory Level Studio Requirements (9 credits)

Three 200-level ART courses in three different studio disciplines other than your concentration chosen from:

  • ART 221 Digital Art
 and Design I
    or ART 222 Digital Art and Design II    
  • ART 231 Introduction to Ceramics
    or ART 232 Introduction to Ceramics II 
  • ART 251 Drawing: Media and Strategies

    or ART 252 Drawing:  The Figure  
  • ART 261 Painting:  Water-based Media
    or ART 262 Painting:  Mixed Media
  • ART 271 Introduction to Photography
  • ART 281 Introduction to Printmaking: Intaglio and Relief
    or  ART 282 Introduction to Printmaking: Lithography and Screen printing
  • ART 291 Sculpture: Additive and Subtractive Processes
 ART 292 Sculpture: Altered and Constructed Processes

Concentration Requirements (21 credits)

  • ART 2X1 Introductory Studio
  • ART 2X2 Introductory Studio I
  • ART 3XX Intermediate Studio     
  • ART 4X1 Advanced Studio I
  • ART 4X2 Advanced Studio II (may be repeated for up to 9 credits)
  • ART 400 Internship in the Visual Arts
  • ART 401 Senior Seminar

Elective Studio Courses (21 credits)

  • One 300-level studio
  • Any 200-, 300-, or 400-level ART courses


Completion of the senior exhibition is required for the BFA. The BFA senior exhibition requirement must be completed while enrolled in ART 401 Senior Seminar.