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BS in Business Administration - 3-2 Program [BS to MBA]

The 3-2 program for the master of business administration (MBA) allows interested and qualified students to complete a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in five years depending on the undergraduate major. (Degree requirements for some majors necessitate a longer completion time.) Generally, students in the 3-2 programs focus on their bachelor’s degree requirements during their first three years, a mix of bachelor’s and MBA requirements in the fourth year, and mostly MBA requirements in the fifth year. Each degree is awarded once the specific degree requirements are successfully met.

Why Consider a School of Business 3-2 Program?

  • No matter what your career choice, a solid understanding of business is always relevant.
  • Since our MBA program only admits the academically best students, you will be part of a strong academic community.
  • Maximize your professional skills and advance your career opportunities by networking with top business professionals.
  • Develop closer links and more meaningful interaction with faculty through joint research and graduate assistantship opportunities.
  • Save time and money by developing a sound plan for your future now.

The MBA program is comprised of 30 credit hours of core courses and 9 credit hours of elective courses. In addition, up to 15 credit hours of foundation courses may be required depending on a student’s previous academic background.

Students in the 3-2 program are required to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher after 90 credit hours of undergraduate course work to remain in good standing and be allowed to continue in the 3-2 program. Enrollment in 600-level MBA courses may only occur in a student's final semester of undergraduate course work.

Students may apply to the 3-2 program directly from high school or anytime after the end of their first semester of undergraduate studies. Students entering directly from high school need an S.A.T. combined score of 1200 or higher. Students currently enrolled in a baccalaureate degree program at USM may enter the 3-2 program by meeting the regular MBA admission criteria of a formula score of 1100 or higher with a minimum GMAT score of 500. (The formula is: undergraduate grade point average x 200, plus the GMAT total score.)