2014-15 Catalogs

BS in Business Administration - General Management Major with Sustainable Business Track

Students completing this track will be better prepared to identify "green market" opportunities and to manage – both traditional firms and social enterprises - for the triple bottom line of environmental, social, and financial performance. A concentration in sustainable business will be listed on their transcript.

In addition to the requirements listed in the BS, the following requirements apply to the Sustainable Business Track:

Students are encouraged to take ESP 101/102 as their Core science course and obtain a minor or certificate related to sustainability, applied energy, or nature tourism. Required courses in this track may not be available at night. At least 50 percent of credit hours applied to the major must be taken at USM. No more than 3 credits of internship can count toward the major. Students must earn a grade point average of 2.33 or higher in the 15 credits applied toward the major.

     BUS 347 Triple Bottom Line Business
     Select 6 credits from
          BUS 391 Internship in Sustainable Business
          ESP 275 Energy Use and Social Adaptations [prerequisite: ESP 101/2K or permission for SB concentrators]
          Business: BUS 362/385/396/398/490, RMI 320
          Economics: ECO 316/326/327/335
     Other Areas: ESP 223/308, ANT 450 (Tourism, Development & Sustainability), POS 363/380 (Energy Policy), or advisor approved course.


Select 6 credits of 300-level or higher ACC, BUS, FIN, or RMI courses.