2014-15 Catalogs

Chemistry Overview

Chair of the Department: Caryn Prudenté, B351 Science Building, Portland

Professors: Prudenté, Tracy; Associate Professors: Benedict, Ford; Assistant Professor: Woodruff; Professors Emeriti: Gordon, Newton, Rhodes, Ricci, Sottery, Whitten

The field of chemistry is concerned with the structure of matter, its transformations, and the energy changes related to these transformations. Departmental aims are to contribute to the student's understanding of chemistry's place within the sciences and in today's industrial and business world, and to provide students concentrating in this field with a thorough and practical education that will be useful in teaching or in industrial, technical, or graduate work.

To achieve these aims the Department of Chemistry offers a four-year program with three tracks leading to baccalaureate degrees (B.A. in chemistry, B.S. in chemistry, and B.S. in biochemistry). Because the chemistry courses in each track are the same for the first two years, it is possible to switch tracks through the junior year. Students considering a chemistry major are strongly urged to consult with a member of the Department of Chemistry faculty to discuss the total program. They should pay particular attention to the pre- and co-requisites necessary for different courses.

Admission Requirements

Students who apply for admission to the chemistry program should have completed college preparatory courses in chemistry, physics, and mathematics. At least two years of algebra and a semester each of geometry and trigonometry are recommended as part of the student's high school program. (Freshmen in the chemistry program who lack this preparation in mathematics are required to take MAT 140, Precalculus Mathematics.)

Additional Information

Laboratory Fees

A laboratory fee is assessed in chemistry laboratory courses.