2014-15 Catalogs

Computer Science Overview

Chair of the Department: David Briggs

Professors: Alagic; Associate Professors: Boothe, Briggs, Congdon, MacLeod;

Adjunct Faculty: Bantz, El-Taha, Felch, Heath, Houser, Largay, Rad

The Department of Computer Science offers a four-year program leading to a B.S. in computer science. Computer science courses concern the theory and practice of solving problems by computer. More specifically, computer scientists build and analyze tools that allow complex problems to be solved. A component of computer science is the study and use of various programming languages, but computer science consists of much more than programming. The mathematical theory of computer science aids in determining the efficiency and correctness of algorithms and programs. In addition, a computer scientist must understand how computers are built and operate. The systematic application of general methods and computing technology to actual problems is also part of computer science.

The undergraduate degree in computer science prepares students both for careers in the computing profession and for graduate study. Course requirements ensure that students receive instruction in both practical and theoretical aspects of computer science. The B.S. degree in computer science is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) of ABET, the national board that accredits computer, engineering, and technology programs (see http://www.abet.org).

Program Objectives

At the time of graduation, USM computer science students will be prepared for careers and/or graduate school. In three to five years, graduates of the USM computer science program will

  • have successful professional careers
  • be valued, ethical members of their profession and society
  • be actively involved in continuing their professional education
Double Majors

Students who opt to pursue a double major with computer science as one of the major fields of study must satisfy all computer science degree requirements. The general requirements for a double major are listed under the heading Double Major in this catalog.