2014-15 Catalogs

History Overview

Professors: Albee, Carey; Associate Professors: Bischof, Eagan, Johnson, Tuchinsky, Whitmore, Zhao; Assistant Professors:  Rowe; Associate Professor Tuchinsky and Full Professor Carey are serving as Associate Deans of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.
Professors Emeriti: Albee, Cole, Holden.

With a synergy of two close disciplines, the History Program and the Political Science program have joined together into the same department to expand their curriculum and course offerings to their students. The department offers two distinct majors: a B.A. degree in History and a B.A. degree in Political Science. The two programs deliver a variety of courses, often interconnected, that are of interest to students in both majors

Additionally, the faculties in the department offer a minor in History and a minor in Political Science. It is common for a student majoring in one program to be able to quickly add a minor in the other program, as there is a well-coordinated schedule of classes that allow students to maximize their studies and earn their degrees in a more effective manner.

History, as a discipline and intellectual field, embraces all past human activity: there is no phenomenon without history. Historians apply various methodologies to discover and organize facts about people and events and to create from them meaningful explanations and narratives. History itself changes: through recognition of diversity, use of new technology, and focus on new questions. One is: "Whose History is this, anyway?"

Through a series of introductory and advanced courses, history majors become familiar with past knowledge, the forces of change, and the varieties of historical scholarship dealing with societies and cultures throughout the world. They also learn to collect, evaluate, organize, and interpret evidence, and to present it in oral, written, and digital forms. Students with grounding in historical knowledge possess the central core of an excellent liberal arts education. The curriculum provides a basis for active citizenship, as well as for graduate schools, and employment. History majors are prepared for jobs in teaching, public history, journalism, numerous other professions such as law, and public and private positions requiring research, writing, oral expression and critical thinking skills.