2014-15 Catalogs

Joint Degree: MPH and MBA

The dual degree program in Public Health and Business Administration offers the Master of Public Health (MPH) through the Muskie School of Public Service at USM and the Master of Business Administration (MBA) through the USM School of Business.
The USM School of Business is among the top third of business schools in America accredited by the prestigious AACSB International. The MBA program features acclaimed faculty and serious, career-minded students working hand-in-hand with New England's business leaders to create academic and real-world, practice-based partnerships inside the classroom and inside the business place.

The dual MBA-MPH program will advance the development of senior managers who understand the business of health care and public health and appreciate the unique role this sector represents in our economy, communities, and society. The program educates leaders for the many exciting settings that characterize the health sector, including integrated health care delivery systems, hospitals, medical practices, governmental and not-for-profit health and public health organizations, among others. Dual degree graduates will have the skills needed to inform and guide organizational change; formulate organizational, business, and market strategies; define innovative organizational financing and service delivery strategies; and develop cross-functional business solutions to the challenges of providing high-quality, value-driven, and accessible health care services.

The program allows students to earn both the MPH and the MBA simultaneously by designating a certain number of cross over courses that satisfy the graduation requirements of each degree. To earn the sixty-four credit hours required for the joint degree, students must complete a combination of MPH and MBA core courses, as well as an MBA practicum.

Full-time students may thus complete both degrees in three years instead of the four years that would ordinarily be needed.

MPH Courses

  • MPH 525 American Health System (3 credits)
  • MPH 535 Introduction to Epidemiological Research (3 credits)
  • MPH 545 Biostatistics (fulfilled by MBA 504) (3 credits)
  • MPH 555 Environmental Health (3 credits)
  • MPH 565 Social and Behavioral Foundation of Public Health (3 credits)
  • MPH 575 Health System Organization and Management (3 credits)
  • MPH 630 Health Planning and Marketing (3 credits)
  • MPH 635 Health Law and Ethics (3 credits)
  • MPH 640 Health Finance I (Credits satisfied by MBA 505, see below)
  • MPH 645 Health Finance II (2 credits)
  • MPH 665 Health Economics (1 credit)
  • MPH 670 Quality Improvement (3 credits)
  • MPH 675 Health Information Management (3 credits)
  • MBA 504 Probability and Statistics (3 credits)
  • MPH 690 Field Experience (Credits satisfied by MBA 698,see below)
  • MPH 699 Capstone (Credits satisfied by MBA 698, see below)

     Joint Degree Total MPH Credits: 33
MBA Courses

MBA Foundation Courses

  • EDU 671 Organizational Behavior (3 credits)
  • MBA 501 Economic Analysis (3 credits)
  • MBA 502 Fundamentals of Accounting (3 credits)
  • MBA 504 Probability and Statistics (3 credits)
  • MBA 505 Financial Management (3 credits)

MBA Core Courses

  • ACC 630 Management Accounting Systems (3 credits)
  • MBA 611 Intro to Organizational Change (3 credits)
  • MBA 612 Topics in International Business or MBA 625 International Finance (3 credits)
  • MBA 615 Ethical and Legal Issues in Business (3 credits)
  • MBA 62X Finance - Select from the following: (3 credits)
  • MBA 626 Strategic Valuation (3 credits)
  • MBA 627 Investment Management (3 credits)
  • MBA 629 Financial Modeling (3 credits)
  • MBA 660 Managerial Marketing (3 credits)
  • MBA 670 Management Science (3 credits)
  • MBA 674 Topics in Information Systems Management (3 credits)
  • MBA 672 Supply Chain Management (3 credits) or MBA 675 Production Operations Management
  • MBA 698 The Practicum (in a health care related setting) (3 credits)
  • Electives (nine credit hours, fulfilled by MPH course work)

     Joint Degree Total MBA Credits: 30, plus up to 12 credits of foundation course work
     Combined Total Joint Degree Credits: 63, plus up to 12 credits of foundation course work