2014-15 Catalogs

Minor in Ancient Civilization

The minor in Ancient Civilization is an interdisciplinary study of life, literature, and art in ancient Greece and Rome.

(15 credits)

CLA 283 (Epic Hero), CLA 285 (Classical Mythology), CLA 291 (Golden Age of Greece) or HTY 303 (History of the Ancient Near East and Greece), CLA 292 (Rome: Republic to Empire) or HTY 304 (History of Rome) and one of the following: CLA 384 (What Would Antigone Do), ENG 315 (Ancient Literature), ARH/CLA 321 (Classical Art), PHI 310 (History of Ancient Philosophy), POS 390 (Ancient and Medieval Political Theory), THE 351 (Dramatic Literature and History); students may propose another relevant 300-level course for their elective.