2014-15 Catalogs

Russell Scholars Program

Director: Stephen J. Romanoff (Humanities), 103 Woodward, Gorham
Associate Director: Elizabeth K. Dodge (Basic Studies)
Russell Scholars Faculty: Dodge (Basic Studies), Kilroy (Theatre), Novak (Geology), Wooten (Basic Studies)
Web site:http://usm.maine.edu/rscholar

The Russell Scholars Program (RSP) is a residential, undergraduate learning community of highly motivated students and faculty dedicated to the achievement of educational goals through collaborative learning, out-of-class activities, and community service. The Russell Scholars Program is designed for average-to-excellent students who wish to pursue their studies in a small learning community, and who wish to receive regular coaching in the mastery of critical thinking. Russell Scholars will develop a commitment to learning and community service, an ability to transfer competence, an intercultural knowledge, a personal and ethical integrity, and an ability to work as part of a team. Approximately 50 first- and second-year students from all majors are admitted to the Russell Scholars each year and work with their individual RSP faculty mentors.

Extensive co-curricular and social activities enrich the learning community experience. All Russell Scholars are encouraged to have optional out-of-state or out-of-country learning experiences for which they receive full academic credit. First-year Russell Scholars are required to reside at Woodward Hall, a remodeled residence hall located on the Gorham campus. Here students can study; socialize; meet with mentors; and attend seminars, concerts, and readings. There are frequent opportunities for Russell Scholars, their faculty members, and guests to discuss ideas and issues in a relaxed social setting. Special events in the arts, sciences, and humanities are produced by Russell Scholars and are made available to the entire community.

To graduate as a Russell Scholar, a student must successfully complete two writing courses or equivalents, three RSP seminars, and six credits of Learning Community Labs, the final lab to be taken during the senior's spring semester. Students who are not taking RSP Lab who wish to earn service-learning credit must register for RSP 400 Independent Study with the instructor's permission. Students planning to graduate as Russell Scholars are required to take RSP 110, RSP 111, RSP 210 or 211, RSP 310 or 311, and RSP 411.

     RSP 100 College Writing3
     RSP 101 Russell Scholars Creative Writing3
     RSP 103 (EYE) Seminar: Culture, Comm. and Environment3
     RSP 110 Learning Community Laboratory1
     RSP 111 Learning Community Laboratory1
     RSP 210 Learning Community Laboratory1-2
     RSP 211 Learning Community Laboratory1-2
     RSP 250 Seminar: Songs and Society3
     RSP 340 Global CampusVariable
     RSP 310 Learning Community Laboratory1-2
     RSP 311 Learning Community Laboratory1-2
     RSP 400 RSP Independent Study1-3
     RSP 401 Community Service InternshipVariable
     RSP 402 Russell Scholars Capstone Seminar3
     RSP 410 Learning Community Laboratory1-2
     RSP 411 Learning Community Laboratory1-2

Core Curriculum Requirements

Many Russell Scholars courses will satisfy the USM Core/General Education requirements. Students should consult with their mentors concerning the use of additional Russell Scholars courses to satisfy additional Core curriculum requirements.

Departmental Major

Russell Scholars courses are not intended to be counted toward the number of credits that departments require for graduation as a major. Students enrolled in the Russell Scholars Program should consult with their departmental advisors concerning the use of Russell Scholars courses to satisfy departmental major requirements.

Admission to the Russell Scholars Program

Any full-time, residential student in good academic standing is eligible to apply to be a Russell Scholar. Criteria for admission include: completion of application to the program, and an interview with a member of the Russell Scholars faculty.

Students interested in the Russell Scholars Program must complete an application separate from the application to the University. Those with questions about the Russell Scholars Program may call or write The Russell Scholars Program, University of Southern Maine, Woodward Hall, 37 College Avenue, Gorham, ME 04038, (207) 780-5752 or 5751. Application materials will be forwarded upon request. Once the completed application is received, students will be contacted for an interview, which may take place in person or by telephone. Applications are acted upon as they are received; hence, they should be submitted as early as possible.

To remain in the Russell Scholars Program, a student must remain in good standing with the University and demonstrate a genuine desire to remain in the program.

For more information, see http://usm.maine.edu/rscholar/russell-scholars-application.