2014-15 Catalogs

Transfer Program in Engineering

The transfer program in engineering prepares students to begin engineering studies at USM and then complete engineering degrees at the University of Maine or elsewhere. It also allows students who are undecided or who do not yet meet all admission requirements to become matriculated in engineering and begin taking classes prior to transferring to an engineering degree program. All University of Southern Maine students in this program are eligible to transfer to any accredited engineering program in the country for the completion of the degree.

Requirements vary depending on the requirements of the program a student will transfer to for the completion of the degree. Please contact the Engineering Department at www.usm.maine.edu/engineering/contact-us to inquire.

Preparation for the transfer program in engineering should include a high school degree with 4 units of English, 2 units of social science, 1 unit of chemistry with lab, 1 unit of physics with lab, and 4 units of mathematics including algebra II and trigonometry. Incoming students who do not satisfy the admission requirements may enroll in remedial courses provided by the University. Transfer students require a transfer GPA of 2.25.

The recommended course sequence in tabular and in graphical form can be viewed at www.usm.maine.edu/engineering/engineering-curricula.