2015-16 Catalogs

Certificate in Actuarial Science

The interdisciplinary certificate is designed to help students start a career in actuarial science. Students completing the certificate of Actuarial Science will have a good foundation in the material needed for the actuarial industry's first two exams and will have completed three of the industry's required Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) requirements. This certificate is designed for students who already have a Bachelor's degree. Current USM students who are interested in Actuarial Science can take the interdisciplinary minor which can be used to satisfy the Core Curriculum Advanced Studies requirement.


The certificate requires 32 credits from mathematics, statistics, economics, accounting and finance.

Required Courses  
Mathematics and Statistics Requirements (17 cr) Credits
     MAT 152 Calculus A 4
     MAT 153 Calculus B 4
     MAT 281 Introduction to Probability 3
     MAT 282 Statistical Inference 3
     MAT 485 Introduction to Regression and Forecasting 3
Business and Economics Requirements (15 cr)   
    ECO 101 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3
    ECO 102 Introduction to Microeconomics 3
    ACC 110 Financial Accounting 3
    FIN 320 Basic Financial Management 3
    FIN 323 Derivatives: Options, Futures, and Swaps 3
Other Relevant Courses  
    RMI 320 Introduction to Risk Management & Insurance
    FIN 327 Investments 3
    MAT 252 Calculus C 4
    MAT 264 Statistical Packages 2
    MAT 295 Linear Algebra 4
    MAT 366 Deterministic Modeling in Operations Research 3
    MAT 383 Simulation Modeling and Analysis 3
    MAT 387 Introduction to Applied Statistics/Biostatistics Methods 3
    MAT 462 Stochastic Modeling in OR 3