2015-16 Catalogs

Certificate in Construction Management

This 24 credit certificate program is designed to prepare individuals for advancement opportunities in construction-related industries primarily as site managers, superintendents, project managers, estimators, directors of operations, construction managers, and project executives. Students in this program take courses that emphasize theories and applications of planning, managing, directing, organizing, and controlling construction operations.

This program is available to:

  • Construction employees at any level
  • Construction managers seeking additional education
  • Professionals in occupations related to the construction industry
  • Individuals interested in construction management who do not qualify for the degree option

     ITC 100 Intro Construction Management
     ITC 351 Construction Cost Estimating
     ITC 341 Construction Documents and Specifications
     ITC 432 Construction Project Management
     ITC 442 Construction Jobsite Management
     ITS 320 Occupational Safety & Health
     ITP 230 Project Management 

Elective: Choose one of the following:
     - ABU 190 Spreadsheet and Problem Solving
     - ACC 110 Financial Accounting
     - ITP 210  Technical Writing
     - ITP 280  Industrial Organization, Management, and Supervision     
     - ITP 350 Teambuilding and Facilitation        

Note: ITP 230 is the pre-requisite for ITC 432