2015-16 Catalogs

Certificate in Creative Leadership and Global Strategy

One of the most versatile certificates ever offered at the University of Southern Maine. The Creative Leadership and Global Strategy Certificate is a new undergraduate certificate geared toward the student or community member interested in focusing on dynamic leadership skills. Select courses from the Leadership and Organizational Studies program blend deliberate creativity with organizational leadership in multi-cultural, multi-national environments. The Creative Leadership and Global Strategy Certificate will help you meet the challenges of our dramatically changing global workplace.

This program may be completed face-to-face, fully online, or in a combinaton of the two.  For more information about the fully online option, contact Admissions at enrollusm@maine.edu.  Apply now using this form.

Please note certificates may be pursued by either matriculated or non-matriculated students (students not pursuing a specific degree program).

For a list of all undergraduate LOS courses and a rotation schedule, please click here.




LOS 300 - Organizational Theory 

LOS 330 - Leadership in Different Cultures or LOS 470 - Leadership Study Abroad 

LOS 350 - Leadership

LOS 360 - Innovation in Organizations

*To view course descriptions, please visit our most recent catalog page.

We recommend that students start their Leadership Studies coursework with LOS 300 - Organizational Theory.  Students should work with their advisors to organize the scheduling of the rest of their coursework.