2015-16 Catalogs

Certificate in Environmental Education

This certificate is designed for teachers, scientists, public officials, consultants, field naturalists, environmental interpreters, and others having responsibility for educating or informing people about the environment.

The certificate is awarded after the successful completion of 18-credit hours of study selected from the courses listed below. Candidates must apply to the chairperson of the Environmental Science and Policy Department, and have their course of study approved by the department. Up to 8 prior credits may be applied toward the certificate program.

     ESP 445/ESP 545 Environmental Education and Interpretation
     ESP 400 Internship (with an environmental education/interpretation host)

At least one of the following is required:
     ESP 542 Environmental Science: Concepts and Strategies for Teachers
     EPB 525 Science Content for Elementary School Teachers
     HRD 339 Adult Learning and Development

Choose from ESP offerings to complete the credit requirements.

Open to undergraduates and graduates. Appropriate substitute courses may be approved by the department.

Students should take courses based on availability.