2016-17 Catalogs

4+1 in Environmental Planning and Policy and MPPM

The undergraduate Environmental Planning and Policy program in the College of Science, Technology, and Health and the graduate Policy, Planning, and Management program in the Muskie School of Public Service offer an accelerated undergraduate-graduate degree pathway (3/2) for prospective students. The close disciplinary connections between these programs and their focus on the relationship between human populations and their natural and built environments, sustainability, community development, environmental and natural resource policy, and community planning allow for a unique undergraduate-graduate educational opportunity. 

Environmental Planning and Policy (EPP) majors with at least 84 undergraduate credit hours in the University Core and EPP major may apply in their junior year for conditional admission to the Master’s in Policy, Planning, and Management (MPPM) program. Students conditionally accepted may take courses in their senior year that will count toward completion of both the BA in Environmental Planning and Policy and MPPM degrees.


Courses Available to Conditionally Admitted Students

Students in their junior year in the BA in Environmental Planning and Policy program, having completed at least 84 undergraduate credits, will be eligible to enroll in the following courses at the graduate level:

Group A: Environmental Science and Policy Courses
Graduate credit is granted upon satisfactory completion of the additional work as assigned by the course instructor and achieving a grade of B or higher. 

ESP 326/526 Environmental Economics
ESP 327/527 Natural Resource Economics
ESP 340/540 Environmental Regulations
ESP 417/517 Site Planning and Assessment
ESP 421/521 Natural Resource Policy
ESP 470/570 Solid Waste Planning and Policy

Group B: Policy, Planning, and Management Courses
The following MPPM courses may be taken without prerequisite:

CPD 502 Sustainable Communities and Sustainable Development
PPM 521 Social Justice Theory and Public Policy
PPM 610 Governance, Democracy, and Policymaking
PPM 615 Organizational Theory, Management, and Leadership
PPM 640 Public Financing and Budgeting

The following MPPM courses may be taken with the indicated prerequisite:

PPM 601 Quantitative Methods for Policy, Planning and Management
      Prerequisite: MAT 120 Introduction to Statistics

PPM 611 Economics for Policy, Planning, and Management
      Prerequisite: ECO 102 Introduction to Microeconomics


  • Complete all requirements for the BA in Environmental Planning and Policy as detailed in the undergraduate catalog.
  • Up to 18 credits from among the cross-listed and approved ESP-MPPM courses listed can be taken by the senior year. Students then enter the MPPM program with 18 credits of requirements remaining, allowing completion of the MPPM degree in one additional year of full time study.

Admission Information

  1. EPP students who have completed, or are in the semester of completion, at least 84 undergraduate credit hours (approximately the second semester of their junior year) may apply for conditional admission to the MPPM program.
  2. The application shall consist of the standard USM graduate application, three letters of recommendation, and transcript. One of the recommendations must come from the student’s undergraduate advisor and one from outside USM. 
  3. Upon conditional acceptance to the MPPM program, students may take courses that are approved for cross-listing between ESP and MPPM. 
  4. Upon satisfactory completion of the BA degree requirements, including receiving no grades less than B in the courses approved for cross-listing, students will become fully matriculated in the MPPM program without further review. Students who receive less than a B in one or more cross-listed course may appeal to the MPPM Admissions Committee to be fully matriculated.