2016-17 Catalogs

Accelerated 4 + 1 NAS MOT Option

It is possible to obtain both a BA in Natural and Applied Sciences and a Masters in Occupational Therapy using the Accelerated 4 + 1 NAS MOT Option. Students may complete their undergraduate AND graduate education in five (5) years by selecting this option. Students should begin their academic career and identify as Accelerated 4 + 1 when they matriculate into the Natural and Applied Sciences undergraduate program. At the start of their Junior year, the student must apply for admission to the MOT program. See program specifics below:

During their final undergraduate year, students complete the following as they plan to enter the program:

USM Core curriculum requirements
Academic major requirements
MOT prerequisite requirements.

The Accelerated 4 + 1 option does not guarantee admission to the MOT program. Students must qualify in the same manner as any other applicant to the MOT program. Contact the Student Success Center for an advising appointment or more information at (207) 753-6536.

Students who are not admitted to the MOT Program must complete all regular NAS Program requirements in order to receive their BA in Natural & Applied Sciences.

Students electing for the Accelerated 4 + 1 option have slightly different requirements and fewer elective choices (due to meeting the prerequisites for entry into the Occupational Therapy program) than the standard NAS Bachelors of Arts.  These specific electives are marked with a * below.  If a student does not enter or complete the MOT program, they will need to complete additional classes shown on the NAS degree page before graduation.

NAS Required Classes (41 credits)

  • MAT 108 College Algebra  4 cr
  • SCI 113/114  Principles of Chemistry I and Lab 4 cr
  • SCI 115/116 Principles of Chemistry II and Lab 4 cr
  • SCI 170/171 Human Anatomy & Physiology I & Lab 4.5  cr*
  • SCI 170/171 Human Anatomy & Physiology II & Lab 4.5  cr*
  • SCI 209  Human Genetics 3 cr
  • SCI 281/282 Medical Microbiology w/ Lab 5 cr
  • SCI 305 Molecular Physiology w/ Lab 4 cr
  • SCI 315 Environmental Health 3 cr
  • SCI 345  Pathophysiology  3 cr*

MOT Prerequisites

Students are also required to complete the following OT specific prerequisites with a grade of "B" or better:

SBS/HRD 200 or PSY 220, SOC 100, SBS 303, and SCI 250, as well as a non-credit Medical Terminiology course available through Adult Education.

Transition to MOT

Once these items are completed and the student is admitted into the Occupational Therapy program, the student will begin taking graduate coursework consisting of the required classes for the Masters in Occupational Therapy.