2016-17 Catalogs

Certificate in Financial Planning

The certificate in Financial Planning is open to non-matriculated students. The certificate in Financial Planning  courses emphasize topics in financial management and investments, personal financial planning, risk management and insurance, employee benefits, tax planning, and related fields.  Students learn a blend of theoretical and practical concepts and apply this knowledge to real-world settings. The program develops analytical and critical thinking skills that will aid students throughout their chosen careers.

Required Prerequisite Core (12 credit hours)*
     ACC 110 Financial Accounting Information for Decision Making
     ECO 101 Intoduction of Macroeconomics
     FIN 320 Basic Financial Management
     MAT 120 Introduction to Statistics or MAT 210 Business Statistics
*Required Prerequisite Core may be satisfied with two semesters of calculus or a technical degree such as engineering, computer science, physics, or related field from a regionally accredited institution. Waiver of non-finance core courses is done on a case by case basis.

Required Financial Planning Courses (15 credit hours)
     ACC 413 Concepts and Strategies of Taxation
     FIN 321 Personal Financial Planning
     FIN 327 Investment Management     
     RMI 320 Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance
     RMI 330 Healh, Life, and Disability Insurance

Admission to the certificate in financial planning (15 credits plus up to 12 credits required prerequisite core) requires the completion of a certificate application form and payment of the application fee. Admission is open to 1) those who have completed 54 credit hours with a GPA of 2.33 or higher; or 2) those who have a minimum of three years of investment, financial risk management, or other financial services work experience and a high school diploma, or its equivalent.

Enrollment in specific courses is based on eligibility criteria and availability of space in the courses. Enrollment in some highly demanded courses may be restricted or prohibited in any given semester. Admission into the certificate program does not guarantee admission into any other USM program or enrollment in any specific course.

Non-matriculated students enrolled in this certificate program will not be eligible for financial aid.

Application Procedure
Download an application here.  Admissions is rolling; however the recommended application deadlines August 15th for the fall semester and January 1st for the spring semester.

Certificate Completion Application