2016-17 Catalogs

Certificate in Foundations of Holistic Health

The Foundations of Holistic Health certificate program is designed for students interested in exploring the realm of complementary healing. Most courses are available through distance technologies, including online or live video. Required courses may be taken over a maximum of three years.

Holistic health offers an integrated approach to health and well being. The School of Nursing Foundations of Holistic Health certificate program introduces students to the importance of addressing the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions of health. The courses will examine foundational principles of holism; the basic philosophies, diagnostic techniques, and healing methods offered by many complementary healing modalities; benefits and challenges of alternative therapies; and the activities, attitudes, and choices that lead to whole and integrated health over a lifetime.

Note: Matriculation in the University of Maine system is not required, although students may choose to matriculate and transfer credits from the certificate program once completed. Course costs are concurrent with the current undergraduate tuition and fee schedule.

Students must take four 3-credit courses for completion of the Certificate program, including two required courses and two electives from the list below. A grade of C or better is required for all courses taken toward completion of the certificate program.

The following courses are required:

HIH 280 Holistic Heath I (formerly CON 280)
REC/SPM 219 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness (formerly CON 219)

Students choose 2 elective courses from the following:

HIH 261 Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine (formerly CON 261)
HIH 270 Holistic Approaches to Reproductive Heatlh (formerly CON 270)
HIH 281 Holistic Health II (formerly CON 281)
HIH 283 Healing and Spirituality (formerly CON 283)
HIH 490 Therapeutic Touch (formerly CON 490)
NUR 203 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Application must be completed and submitted to the School of Nursing prior to enrollment in the program. For more information about this certificate program, please contact the School of Nursing.