2016-17 Catalogs

Certificate in Sustainable Tourism

In conjunction with the International Ecotourism Society (TIES), USM provides students with the opportunity to become certified as sustainable tourism providers. Through TIES’s University Consortium Certificate Program students gain a holistic understanding of structuring, programming, and implementing sustainable tourism. The TIES/UCC Program at USM provides students with an inherent, reality-based understanding of the principles of sustainable tourism, preparing for a future as tourism professionals. The program includes 9 credits of course work with online options, one study abroad course, and a 400-hour internship that includes a capstone project.

The UCC Study Plan at the University of Southern Maine includes the following:

  • REC 223 Nature-based Tourism (3 credits)   
  • Two courses that address sustainability
  • At least one international course provided through USM or a UCC member university that focuses on sustainable tourism:
    - International Travel Sustainable Tourism Course to Newfoundland (USM)
    - International Travel Sustainable Tourism Course to Belize (USM)
    - International Travel Sustainable Tourism Course (UCC member university)
  • A 400-hour internship focused on elements of sustainable tourism

To apply for the Certificate in Sustainable Tourism, students should complete the following:

  1. Review program details on TIES website: www.ecotourism.org/ucc
  2. Interview with Holly J. Bean, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, holly.j.bean@maine.edu or (207) 780-4646
  3. Complete the online UCC application and submit Student Program fee ($250)

Students will be notified of their acceptance status within one month of application. Once accepted, students must complete the TIES-UCC Plan of Study with the Academic Consortium Advisor, Holly Bean.