2016-17 Catalogs

LAC Overview

Dean: Joyce T. Gibson; Director of Finance and Administration: Pam Roy; Internship Coordinator: Sandi Croft; Administrative Specialists: Danielle Letourneau, Jodi Redmun

Professors: Roxie Black, Ike Levine, Carol Nemeroff, Steve Romanoff
Associate Professors: Paul Caron, Rose Cleary, Tara Coste, Christy Hammer, Josie LaPlante, Liz Turesky, Michelle Vazquez-Jacobus, Blake Whitaker
Assistant Professors: Dan Jenkins, Susan Noyes, Mary Anne Peabody, Mark Silber
Lecturers: Mary Anderson, Tammy Bickmore, Sarah Grinder, Gabby Petruccelli


Lewiston-Auburn College (LAC) has several distinguishing characteristics: interdisciplinary majors in Leadership and Organizational Studies, Natural & Applied Sciences, and Social & Behavioral Sciences; student-centered learning; a community atmosphere; and a deep commitment to meeting regional needs. Faculty and staff are dedicated to engaging students in a transformative process in which self-awareness, content knowledge, relevant skills, and career development are merged in such a way that lifelong success and learning are intentional and expected.

The curriculum is marked by integration not only among the various disciplines within the liberal arts, but also between the liberal arts and the professional concentrations, between professional concentrations and the workplace, and between the College and the community. The faculty is dedicated to learning as a shared experience between students and faculty. The interdisciplinary focus combines communication, teamwork, writing, fieldwork, critical thinking, civic engagement, and leadership and uses service-learning, career seminars, and internships to help students apply, synthesize, and integrate their learning.

The College offers master's degrees in:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Leadership Studies

Please visit the Office of Admissions for graduate application information.