2016-17 Catalogs

Minor in Food Studies

Are you curious about where and how the food you eat is grown and processed? Do you want to ensure all people have access to ample nutritious food? Are you interested in working for a growing food-based business? Then an undergraduate minor in Food Studies may be for you!

USM is pleased to be launching its new Food Studies Program this January. The Food Studies undergraduate minor provides students with a broad interdisciplinary understanding of the social, economic, and environmental factors associated with global, national, regional and local food systems. The minor also provides an opportunity for students to develop a range of professional skills central to working in food-related professions within the private, non-profit, and public sectors.

The undergraduate minor (18 credits) consists of three required courses, and three additional courses that are organized into tracks, to enable students to pursue a particular food system interest area more deeply. Diverse paid internship opportunities are available to Food Studies students. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in an internship as one of their three track courses. 

Food Studies Minor Course Requirements (9 credits)

  • FSP 100/EYE 199: Introduction to Food Systems
  • FSP 200: Food, Power and Social Justice
  • FSP 210: Food and Environment


Food Studies Minor Tracks
(9 credits; one required track course plus two electives, including the option of an internship)

Social Justice, Policy, and Advocacy Track

Required Course – ECO 335: The Political Economy of Food

Elective Courses:

  • FSP 320: Poverty and Hunger
  • FSP 395: Internship in Food Studies
  • ECO 323: U.S. Labor and Employment Relations
  • FSN 270: World Food and Nutrition (UMaine Course, typically offered online)
  • SOC 363: Food, Culture and Society

Entrepreneurship Track

Required Course – BUS 385: Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation

Elective Courses:

  • FSP 395: Food Studies Internship
  • ACC 110: Financial Accounting
  • BUS 260: Marketing

Hospitality and Management Track

Required Course – TAH 222: Food and Beverage Management

Elective Courses: 

  • FSP 395: Internship in Food Studies
  • TAH 263: Food and Culture
  • TAH 264: Introduction to Culinary Tourism
  • TAH 299: Beverage Operations
  • TAH 361: Local Food and Agritourism
  • TAH 420: Off-Site Catering

Future Undergraduate Minor tracks are likely to include Science, Culture and Humanities, and a Self-Designed option.