2016-17 Catalogs

Minor in Geography

The Geography-Anthropology program offers a minor in geography. The Minor in Geography provides students a broad exposure to the discipline with courses focused on the interaction of humans and their natural and built environments, urban and regional development, and resource conservation, among other areas. Students also receive training in cutting edge geographic tools and techniques like GIS and remote sensing.

The Minor in Geography shall consist of 15 credits minimum. No grades of D will be counted toward fulfillment of the major or minor requirements:  

  • GEO 101 Human Geography (3 credits) or GEO 102 Physical Geography and Lab (4 credits) or GEO 103 Human-Environment Geography (3 credits)
  • GEO 305/GEO 505/GEO 605 Remote Sensing Remote Sensing (3 credits) or
    GEO 308/ GEO 508/ GEO 608 GIS Applications I GIS I (4 credits)

and 3 additional topical or methods GEO courses to make up 15 credits minimum. No more than six credits combined may be from internships, field courses, or independent studies.