2016-17 Catalogs

Minor in Sport Media

The minor in sport media is designed for students in all majors and provides an opportunity to foucs on the development of knowledge and skills in the sport media field.  Courses offered emphasize media writing, communication, video production, and relevant technologies.

Required courses (six credit hours):

CMS 103 Intro to Media Studies
BUS 311 Sport Marketing or BUS 314 Sport Communication

Select nine credit hours from:

BUS 311 Sport Marketing (if not taken above)
BUS 314 Sport Communication (if not taken above)
BUS 316 Sport Event Management
BUS 378 Sport Management Practicum
CMS 202 Writing for the Popular Print
CMS 203 Intro to Video Production
CMS 204 Intro to Video Production Lab (1 credit)
CMS 215 Journalism Reporting and Writing
CMS 255 Business and Professional Communication
CMS 274 Writing for the Media
CMS 302 Writing the Feature Story
ITT 241 Information and Communcation Technologies
ITT 344 Graphic Communication Technologies



The minor in sport media (15 credits) is available to students in all majors. Students who wish to pursue the minor must complete a declaration form available at the School of Business. The requirements for admission to the minor are completion of at least 12 credits at USM and a grade point average of 2.33 or higher. A student may transfer into the minor up to six credit hours of acceptable courses. To complete the minor, students must have a grade point average of at least 2.33 in the minor courses. Minimum grades may be required as prerequisite to minor courses. Check course description for details.

Authorization Form for the Minor in Sport Media


There is no particular sequencing of courses as long as course prerequisites are satisfied.