2016-17 Catalogs

Teacher Education Overview

Program Coordinator: Flynn Ross, 500 Bailey Hall, Gorham

Associate Professors: Kuech, Ross, Whitney; Lecturer: Needleman

The Teacher Education programs at the graduate level leading to initial teacher certification in Maine offers the Educational Studies Minor at the undergraduate level. The Extended Teacher Education Program (ETEP) prepares candidates for initial teacher certification in Maine . Faculty are committed to providing our teacher candidates simultaneous classroom experiences and course work that help them connect the everyday work with students to the theories and research. Through the Extended Teacher Education Program (ETEP), students engage in an intense graduate level internship and post-internship course work to complete the Masters of Science in Education with a concentration in Teaching and Learning (MSEd- MTL). ETEP, a nationally recognized teacher certification program, includes options for an intensive nine-month, full-time program and a 13-month part-time program. We in ETEP are dedicated to ensuring that USM’s teacher candidates have the knowledge, skills and dispositions to teach in the increasingly diverse and demanding schools of today. We are committed to providing our teacher candidates classroom or community experiences and course work that help them ground their daily practice in current research-based best practices and educational theory. We work closely with practicing administrators and teachers in partner schools to place our teaching candidates in the collaborative, professional environments that allow them to observe and reflect on excellent teaching.  In university classes, USM teaching candidates work together in teaching cohorts to share and challenge ideas. Through all of these experiences, USM teaching candidates come to understand the complexities and joys of teaching.