2017-18 Catalogs

Accelerated Dual Policy, Planning, and Management (MPPM) and Law (JD)

University of Maine School of Law
Muskie School of Public Service

The Edmund S. Muskie School of Public Service at the University of Southern Maine, in conjunction with the University of Maine, School of Law, offers an Accelerated Dual Degree Program that combines the study of law and policy, planning, and management. Students completing the program earn both the Juris Doctor (JD) and the Master of Policy, Planning, and Management (MPPM).   


Students must follow the standard application process and will be admitted separately to each program. Prospective students may complete the two admissions processes simultaneously or in different years. Entrance to one program does not in any way ensure admission to the other. 

The Program 

The Law Program is 90 credits, and the MPPM Program is 36 credits of required core (18 credits) and elective courses (18 credits). Taken separately, the two programs require 126 credits.  The Law Program will accept 9 credits for courses taken in the MPPM Program and the MPPM Program will accept 12 credits taken in the Law Program. This would result in a program of 105 credits (81 Law and 24 MPPM), representing a discount of 21 credits.  It should be possible to complete the 105-credit program in less than four years with summer study. 

The first year would be devoted to the standard Law first-year curriculum, consisting of 30 credits. 

Thereafter 9 Law credits would be satisfied from the following list of

Required MPPM Core Courses (all 3-credit): 

The MPPM faculty would accept 12 credits taken by the student in the Law Program, which may include 3 credits for the Upper Level Writing Requirement as long as the research paper is related to a public policy, planning or public or nonprofit management topic; 6 credits for a public service-related externship (counting as 6 elective credits); and a total of 3 additional elective credits from approved law courses serving as career-specific non-MPPM electives within the MPPM curriculum.