2017-18 Catalogs

BA in English - Secondary Teacher Education

This track of the English degree provides prospective 7-12 teachers a strong academic foundation in English. The curriculum combines English courses in writing, literature, and literary theory with a sequence of pre-internship education courses and field experiences focusing on the theory and practice of teaching.

Students completing the 120-hour degree will have satisfied the USM Core Curriculum and the English Major. Graduates are eligible for recommendation for 7-12 teacher certification in Maine.

USM Core Curriculum (including pre-internship education courses):

  • EYE 108: Culture, Identity and Education (recommended) (3 cr)
  • EDU 100: Exploring Teaching (recommended) (3 cr)
  • College Writing-ENG 100 or ENG 101 (3 cr)
  • Cultural Interpretation-ENG 140 (3 cr)
  • Quantitative Reasoning-MAT 120 (4 cr)
  • Creative Expression (3 cr)
  • Socio-Cultural Analysis-HRD/SBS 200: Multicultural Human Development (3 cr)
  • Science Exploration (4 cr)
  • Ethical Inquiry and Social Responsibility-EDU 310: Purpose of Schooling in a Democracy (3 cr)
  • Cluster:
    • EDU 305: Foundations of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (3 cr)
    • SED 335: Students with Exceptionalities in General Education (3 cr)
    • SED 420: Multi-Tiered Systems of Educational Support (3 cr)
  • Capstone–English major senior seminar (3 cr)

English Major Course Requirements:

  • ENG 245: Introduction to Literary Studies (3 credits). This course is a prerequisite for the Capstone Seminar.
  • ENG 220: World Masterpieces I (3 credits)
  • At least one 300- or 400-level Theory course (3 credits)
  • At least one 300- or 400-level Writing course (3 credits)
  • Three 300- or 400-level historical period courses, one of which must be before 1800 (9 credits)
  • Capstone Seminar (3 credits) A Capstone seminar is a small class (limited to approximately 15 students) designed to encourage independent thinking, intensive student participation, and in-depth research on topics of the student's choice related to the seminar topic. Typically seminars allow a professor to teach a focused subject of special interest, one on which the professor has done recent research or scholarly writing. Each semester, detailed descriptions of seminars will be published in the English Department's Course Guide. Seminars satisfy the General Education Capstone requirement. Though they may also fulfill requirements under other categories, seminars still count as only 3 credits toward the major requirements.
  • Electives (12 credits or as needed to complete 36 hours in the major). 

Secondary Teacher Education (7-12) Requirements

All requirements for the Secondary Teacher Education program, including academic requirements, education courses, content requirements, the professional internship year, and declaration and candidacy can be found here:



Students who fail to meet any of the academic or professional requirements of this track of the major must withdraw from this track, though they may still complete all requirements for the B.A. in English without recommendation for teacher certification.