2017-18 Catalogs

BA in History

History offers a major that leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor for students majoring in other disciplines. The major consists of 39 credit hours in history plus a language requirement. The minor consists of 15 credit hours in history. In addition, the Department offers an internship program (HTY 300) in cooperation with area historical societies, museums, libraries, and other institutions.

College Level Equivalency Program (CLEP) examinations are available in Western Civilization and United States History. Unusually well-prepared entering students who pass one or more of these examinations may substitute 300-level course(s) for the HTY 101/102 and/or HTY 121/122/123 introductory surveys.

A history major or minor must achieve at least six credits of B or better grades in history courses. No grade of D will count toward fulfillment of a history major or minor. Majors and minors are reminded that, in addition to History requirements, they must also meet those of the University Core curriculum.

History Requirements

To graduate with a bachelor of arts in history, a student must successfully complete a minimum of 39 credits in history courses as follows:

Field I
     HTY 101 Western Civilization I
     HTY 102 Western Civilization II

Field II (select one of the following pairings):
     HTY 121 and one other: HTY 122, 123, or 142
     HTY 122 and one other: HTY 121, 123, 141, or 142
     HTY 123 and one other: HTY 121, 122, or 141
     HTY 141 and one other: HTY 122, 123 or 142
     HTY 142 and one other: HTY 121, 122, or 141

Field III (select two)
     HTY 152 The Islamic Near East
     HTY 171 Traditional East Asia
     HTY 172 Modern East Asia
     HTY 181 Latin America I
     HTY 182 Latin America II

Research Methods Course
     HTY 200 Reference, Research, and Report Writing

Advanced Elective History Courses

Select five 303-399 level courses in consultation with your History major advisor.

Capstone: HTY 400 Senior Seminar

Other courses in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences have historical interest. With prior approval from the Department, majors may apply one such upper level course toward their Advanced History Elective requirements. Majors also are encouraged to take such courses as supplementary electives.

Language Requirement

This requirement can be fulfilled by achieving a grade of at least C in the final semester of a beginning level language course or by examination.

Completion of one of the following courses at USM with a grade of at least C fulfills the language requirement:

American Sign Language: ASL 102 Arabic: ARA 199 Chinese: CHI 102 French: FRE 102 German: GER 102 Italian: ITA 102 Spanish: SPA 102  

History students are encouraged to pursue language study beyond the first year, and to take advantage of USM's Study Abroad programs.

Graduate programs in History frequently require intermediate level language proficiency.  Students intending to pursue graduate study should take additional language courses.