2017-18 Catalogs

BA in Mathematics - Statistics Concentration

This concentration is aimed at preparing undergraduates to pursue a career as a statistician in government or industrial jobs, or to pursue a higher degree in statistics or allied fields. Majors intending to pursue graduate work in statistics are urged to take Real Analysis and Abstract Algebra.

In addition to the requirements listed in the BA, the following items are required for the Statistics Concentration. (15 credits)

a. Successful completion of three of the courses listed below:

     MAT 264 Statistical Software Packages
     MAT 383 System Modeling and Simulation
     MAT 386 Sampling Techniques
     MAT 387 Introduction to Applied/Biostatistical Methods
     MAT 388 Statistical Quality Control
     MAT 484 Design and Analysis of Experiments
     MAT 485 Introduction to Applied Regression
     MAT 486 Introduction to Big Data Analytics
     MAT 487 Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis
     MAT 488 Introduction to Data Mining

b. Successful completion of at least two additional mathematics courses numbered 260 or above, excluding MAT 380.