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BA in Natural and Applied Sciences - Secondary Teacher Education

This innovative program is available to students majoring in Natural & Applied Sciences. Upon successful completion of this 120 credit hour program, students earn their bachelor's degree as well as certification to teach Secondary Education in Life Sciences in the State of Maine.  For more information contact Admissions at admitusm@maine.edu or Dr. Paul G. Caron, Chair of Teacher Education at LAC, at 207-753-6549 or caron@maine.edu.

Program Declaration and Withdrawal

All students must formally declare their entry into a teacher education program by completing the Declaration and/or Dropping of Undergraduate Teacher Education Pathway Form with the registrar’s office. The form is located in the forms section of the Office of Registration and Scheduling Services: https://usm.maine.edu/sites/default/files/teacher-education/TE-Pathway-Declaration-Form-fillable.pdf.

Academic Requirements

The minimum academic requirements to be a student in good standing in the secondary education program are as follows:

  • A grade of C or better in all University Core and major coursework.
  • A grade of B or better in all professional education coursework.
  • An overall GPA of 3.0 or better.

Failure to maintain the above requirements may result in program dismissal.


Upon declaring the secondary teacher education program, a student becomes a pre-candidate. The pre-candidacy phase of the program is the first three years of the program prior to the professional internship. Pre-candidacy coursework is as follows:


  • EYE 108: Culture, Identity and Education (Cr 3)
  • EDU 100: Exploring Teaching* (Cr 3)
  • ADS 300: Ethics and Youth with Exceptionalities (Cr 3)


  • HRD/SBS 200: Multicultural Human Development Cr 3)
  • EDU 305: Foundations of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity* (Cr 3)
  • EDU 310: Purpose of Schooling in a Democracy* (Cr 3)
  • SED 335: Students with Exceptionalities in General Education* (Cr 3)

Each of the courses with a * includes required service learning or practicum hours in a school or community setting to give students hands-on, real world experience. Students complete these experiences in community and school partner settings and are arranged by the Field Experience Coordinator in the Office of Educator Preparation. The other education courses may require observation experiences in field settings that students arrange on their own.


Candidacy takes place in the spring semester of the third year or when a student has completed the pre-candidacy teacher education coursework and has made satisfactory and sufficient progress in their major. It is the process students go through in order to be admitted to the professional level courses and internship. To be eligible for candidacy, students must be in good academic standing, have passed the Praxis Core, and provided evidence of their Criminal History Record Check.

Natural and Applied Sciences/Secondary Life Science
Education Courses (must get a B or better)
EDU 305 Foundations of Cultural & Linguistic Diversity 3
EDU 310 Purpose of Schooling in a Democracy 3
EDU 501 Secondary Science Methods 3
EDU 546 Planning and Assessment I 3
EDU 547 Planning and Assessment II 3
EDU 550 Professional Internship in Secondary Education 9
HRD 200 Human Growth and Development 3
SED 335 Students with Exceptionalities in General Education 3
SED 520 Multi-tiered Systems of Educational Support 3
USM Core Curriculum (must get a C or better)  
CW - College Writing 3
QR - Statistics 3
CI 3-4
CE 3
NAS Required Courses (must get a C or better)  
MAT 108 College Algebra 4
MAT 140 Pre-Calculus 3
SCI 105 Biological Principles I 3
SCI 106 Laboratory Biology I 1.5
SCI 107 Biological Principles II w/Lab 4.5
SCI 113 Principles of Chemistry I 3
SCI 114 Laboratory Techniques I 1
SCI 150 Physics and Biomechanics 3
SCI 170 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 3
SCI 171 Practical Human Anatomy & Physiology I 1.5
SCI 209 Genetics 3
SCI 355 Ecology w/ Lab 4.5
General Electives  
Total Credits 120
Additional Program Requirements
  • Before Beginning Year Two:
    • Pass Praxis Core: Reading, Writing, Mathematics.
    • Submit formal application to Teacher Education Program.
    • Subscribe to Tk20.
    • Complete NETS-S Assessment.
    • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and maintain minimum GPA of 3.0 through rest of program.
    • Pass fingerprinting and background checks.
  • Before Beginning Year Four:
    • Pass Praxis II: Elementary Content Knowledge.
    • Demonstrate NETS-S Standards.
    • Successfully complete of EDU 305, EDU 310,SED 335, and SED 420 with a B or better.
    • Complete candidacy application process.
  • Program Completion:
    • Have a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.0.  Core and major coursework require a grade of C or better. Professional education coursework requires a grade of B or better.
    • Demonstrate mastery of NETS-T standards and InTASC standards.
    • Successfully complete program and major requirements.
Candidacy Requirements

In order to be eligible for internship, students must successfully complete the candidacy process.  Students must apply for candidacy through TK20 by creating a free Tk20 account and completing a candidacy application.  In addition to the above academic requirements, students must submit three letters of recommendation and passing scores on the Praxis Core and participate in candidacy interview.


Once they are accepted as a candidate for their internship year, students are required to subscribe to the Tk20 online data management system.  The subscription fee of $103 covers some of the expenses related to the administration and assessment of the program.  For loan purposes, Tk20 is eligible for consideration as part of educational costs.  The subscription is a one-time payment and must be made by each student after they have passed their candidacy process and before the first semester of their internship year.  Subscription instructions are posted on the Office of Educator Preparation website at http://usm.maine.edu/educator-preparation.

Recommendation for Certification

Graduates who successfully complete all the teacher education program requirements are eligible for recommendation for teacher certification in Maine.  In order to be recommended for certification, students must complete the Recommendation for Certification form.  Students who fail to meet the academic or professional teacher education program requirements or choose not to pursue teacher certification may withdraw from the teacher education pathway and graduate with their major.

NOTE--Course requirements are subject to change based upon changes in teacher certification regulations.