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BA in Women and Gender Studies

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The minimum number of credits (exclusive of the University's Core curriculum) required for the major: 36.

The women and gender studies major consists of 24 hours of required courses and 12 hours of women and gender studies related courses as follows:

Required Courses (18 hours)

Either of the following (3 hours)
     WGS 101 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
     EYE 109 Gender, Representation, and Resistance

All of the following
     WGS 201 Women, Knowledge, and Power
     WGS 380 Politics of Difference
     WGS 390 Contemporary Feminist Theories
     WGS 490 Capstone Experience in Women and Gender Studies

One Topics Course from TWO of the following subject areas (6 hours)
     WGS 235/335/435 Topics in Science, Technology, and Health I/II/III
     WGS 245/345/445 Topics in Culture, and the Arts I/II/III
     WGS 255/355/455 Topics in History and Resistance I/II/III
     WGS 265/365/465 Topics in Gender and Institutions I/II/III

Either of the following (4-6 hours)
     WGS 485 Internship
     WGS 486 Thesis

Women and Gender Studies Related Courses: (at least 12 hours)

  • Students must take one course dealing with cultures not in the Western mainstream. Students may take no more than three electives from one department or program. Any WGS course may be used for elective credit; courses eligible for elective credit are listed under Course Descriptions.