2017-18 Catalogs

BS in Environmental Science - Secondary Teacher Education

This track is for students who want to become certified in Maine to teach grades 7-12 physical sciences, life science, or both areas. Interested students should see the secondary education environmental science coordinator upon acceptance at USM, matriculation, upon choosing an environmental science major, or as early in their time at USM as possible. The curriculum for this concentration is designed to provide prospective 7-12 teachers with a strong academic foundation in physical sciences or life science along with a continuous focus on both the theory and practice of teaching through a sequence of pre-internship education courses and field experiences. It has four components: USM Core curriculum, an environmental science major, professional education courses, and electives totaling 120 credit hours for the degree.

USM Core Curriculum (including pre-internship education courses):

  • EYE 108 - Culture, Identity, and Education (recommended) (3 cr.)
  • EDU 100 - Exploring Teaching (recommended) (3 cr.)
  • College Writing - ENG 100 (3 cr.)
  • Cultural Interpretation (3 cr.)
  • Quantitative Reasoning - MAT 152 Calculus A (4 cr.)
  • Creative Expression (3 cr.)
  • Socio-Cultural Analysis - HRD 200 Multicultural Human Development (3 cr.)
  • Science Exploration - ESP 101/102 Fundamentals of Environmental Science w/lab (4 cr.)
  • Ethics - EDU 310 Purpose of Schooling in a Democracy (3 cr.)
  • Cluster - EDU 305 Foundations of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, SED 335 Students with Exceptionalities in General Education, and SED 420 Multi-tiered Systems of Educational Support (9 cr.)
  • Diversity and International met with EDU 305 and EDU 310 respectively

Major Requirements:

Students complete the major requirements for a BS in Environmental Science. The ESP 400 internship requirement may be met by an EDU internship in secondary education. Similarly, the ESP 401 capstone requirement may be met by a STEM or EDU capstone.

Secondary Teacher Education (7-12) Requirements:

All requirements for the Secondary Teacher Education program, including academic requirements, education courses, content requirements, the professional internship year, and declaration and candidacy can be found here.