2017-18 Catalogs

Minor in Chemistry

A minor in Chemistry is intended to broaden the academic foundation of students who already have a solid scientific background in areas such as biology, biotechnology, environmental sciences, psychology, physics and engineering. The curriculum exposes students to the first two years of introductory chemistry and at least one upper level chemistry course.

To graduate as a chemistry major or minor in any of the programs, a student must earn a grade of C or better in all chemistry courses and a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in all other courses required for the major.

The minimum number of credits (exclusive of the Core curriculum) required for the minor: 19. At least 6 credit hours beyond the 100-level must be taken within the Chemistry Department at USM.

The minor consists of the following courses:

CHY 113, 114 Principles of Chemistry I and Laboratory Techniques I
CHY 115, 116 Principles of Chemistry II and Laboratory Techniques II


and one of the following groups of courses:

1. CHY 233 Analytical Chemistry with Laboratory
    CHY 252, 252 Organic Chemistry I and Organic Chemistry Laboratory I


2. CHY 371 Quantum Chemistry
    CHY 373, 374 Chemical Thermodynamics and Chemical Thermodynamics Laboratory
    CHY 421 Inorganic Chemistry